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Grace Elizabeth Arnone Hummel‎

September 30 at 3:12pm ·

I cannot contain my excitement!!
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of smelling some mouillettes of the newly created Iris Gris by Legendary Fragrances. The owner of the company sent me the two smelling strips. One had Iris Gris Extrait and the other was Iris Gris XO. He said that his company traveled to the Osmotheque to extensively study the original Iris Gris by Jacques Fath and to compare what they had created.
All I can say is WOW! Both strips were gorgeous.
The Extrait has more of a dusty, powdery orris note complete with a carroty top note, punctuated by a trace of peach, followed by a sweet powdery candied violet.
The XO smelled sweeter - the candied violets more pronounced with the fuzzy peach scent than the extrait at first, then the powdery iris note emerged. I am still experiencing these to see how the dry down is, but so far I can smell the oakmoss. These were incredible and even my husband liked them.
Then there is a facet in each that smells similar to the 2010 perfume, Balenciaga Paris. That perfume has notes of carnation, patchouli Virginia cedar, violet, violet leaf.
Now today, the strips are sitting on a table next to me and I can still smell them! They both have a wonderful drydown that still smells of violets, iris and peach. The XO smells strongly of the peach and violet note. The Extrait smells more like the candied violets and a slight woody nuance.

Here are the notes for the recreated Iris Gris:
Top notes: peach, iris Pallida, orris root
Middle notes: tuberose, lilac, lily of the valley, jasmine
Base notes: cedar, musk, oakmoss

Those of you may know that Legendary Fragrances had released an earlier version around 2010, but many people said it just didn't smell like Iris Gris and was lacking the peach note. Well, to those who didn't care for the earlier version, please try this new one, it definitely has the peachy note that makes the original 1947 Iris Gris special.


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