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My intention, and my motivation behind my enterprise is, to revive memories linked to unforgettable and one-of-a-kind scents. Several years ago, I launched a version of Iris Gris. However, the launch was premature and it had not quite captured the true nature of Iris Gris. Following this unsuccessful launch, I managed to spark the curiosity of Mr. Mike Bragmayer, a perfumer himself and Guerlain specialist. He contacted me and offered me his help to relaunch the true Iris Gris. Since then, we have worked hard and relentlessly on this mysterious wonder.

Mr. Bragmayer, has collected an extensive collection of Iris Gris throughout the years.  He has met with Mr. Kerleo, co- founder of the Osmotheque, to discuss Iris Gris throughout the last four years on several occasions. Mr. Bragmayer and Mr. Kerleo would discuss for more than five hours in just one visit, talking about and exploring Iris Gris. They’d smell samples, compare and contrast their raw ingredients, and of course discuss our formula. These meetings enlightened our knowledge of Iris Gris.
Mr. Kerleo, of course, could not and did not discuss the Iris Gris formula. He did however, confirm that the formula is short and precise and that the quality of the ingredients used in the formula is one of the most important factors of the formula.


Iris Gris is one of the most prized and elegant fragrances in the world. Every connoisseur knows that, one can only smell Iris Gris Original, undamaged on a scent strip at the Osmotheque in Versailles, France. One cannot smell the original Iris Gris on the skin itself, since the original formula has ingredients now restricted from the IFRA.

According to historians, 1947 was one of the worst years in French history. The war had just ended and France as a result was a destroyed and broken country. Reconstruction was a slow process and both money and food was scarce, even less available than during the war. No one could ignore these difficult times and the daily struggles people faced. I would like to believe that Jacques Fath was well aware of the social-economic situation. By launching Iris Gris, he captured the true essence of those struggling times with a remarkable scent of a better tomorrow.


















Although challenging at times, we wanted to create this new Iris Gris with a complete and solid understanding of the inspiration behind its origins. To do this, we had to transport ourselves in time. We questioned numerous friends who lived and experienced the years 1946-1947, the dates of which the original Iris Gris was created. There were many visits to the Osmotheque and relentless research on the creator, Vincent Roubert. Iris Gris, without understanding the context on which it was originally launched, would not be Iris Gris at all.

 Mr. Kerleo never endorsed any products presented to him nor did he disclose any formulas housed in the Osmotheque. Thus, we could only compare our product to the one at the Osmotheque. We can now affirm that our product is remarkably identical. After more than 300 tests, it was obvious to us to relaunch two Iris Gris:

Iris Gris extrait which is a match of the reconstitution made by Jean Kerleo.

Iris Gris X.O. is a full rendering of the 1947 vintage Iris Gris.